Corsair buys up Origin PC and SCUF Gaming

During Corsair’s annual press conference at CES2020, Andy Paul, Corsair’s founder and CEO discussed their recent acquisitions. Earlier in 2019 Corsair acquired high-end gaming PC vendor Origin PC, who makes extremely high-end gaming desktops and notebooks, some of them with integrated gaming consoles such as an XBox or PS4. However, two weeks before the press conference pictured above, Corsair acquired SCUF Gaming.

SCUF Gaming specializes in custom built controllers that are compatible with the PS4, PC, and XBox. Almost all of their controllers are compatible with the PC, and they offer many patented features such as up to four paddles on the rear of the controller to maximize the usability of the controller.

Users can customize their controllers before purchase. Everything from color to grip and even vibration can be added or changed, you can even switch joystick and button positions. While the cost of these controllers is high, they are in high demand by professional gamers.

If Corsair’s rapid acquisition of high-end PC Gaming companies continues at this rate, they will own more than half the market soon enough.

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