EVGA ends 22 year partnership with NVIDIA, No RTX 4000 series GPUs

Originally reported through an interview between Gamer’s Nexus and EVGA’s CEO Andrew Han, it seems that EVGA will officially end its partnership of over 20 years with NVIDIA for the their next generation 4000 series graphics cards and beyond, and will not continue building new GPUs of any sort.

That means no NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel GPUs from EVGA. If you currently have an EVGA card, they will honor the warranty and are keeping a stock for this sole purpose. Right now you can still buy an EVGA NVIDIA GPU, but when stock runs out they will not continue GPU production. The video posted also mentions that EVGA will still produce other products such as their PSU, motherboard, and case lines.

The video states that EVGA will not sell its business, layoff employees, or expand into new categories. Supposedly EVGA told NVIDIA’s executives they were going to end their agreement in April of 2022. According to Gamer’s Nexus, EVGA has about 280 employees worldwide, and already laid off 20% of its Taiwan workforce a few months ago.

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