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Our Story

Having been involved as an enthusiast in the computer hardware industry for the better part of two decades, I am keenly aware of the complexities of the past that have shaped the current industry as it is today. In fact, the setup pictured above won me a CPU frequency world record back in 2004. Between 2002 and 2010, I was running under the radar as an enthusiast, and I know how it feels to put your entire heart and soul into it. I even had a small website called guruhardware, and it was my first experience in self-publishing. In 2012 I took a small hiatus from the enthusiast part of the hobby to focus on furthering my education, and when I returned in 2014 I had the hardest time finding good information on what to buy to build the right system for me. Out of my frustration with the quality of product reviews, I decided to do my own review and post it to the forums. That is when a motherboard vendor rep, and now long time mentor, took note, and the story of where I am today came to be. 

Our Mission

Credit: KitGuru.com

From 2002 to 2020 I wrote reviews for TechPowerUp, VR-Zone, and TweakTown, and I was featured in an issue of Computer Power User magazine. I gained much experience with GIGABYTE Technologies as an extreme overclocker, and as you can see above, that resulted in a feature article written by KitGuru.com.

My mission for Steve’s Hardware is to build a computer hardware review site that truly meets the needs of my readers– with a simple concept “The first and last stop for enthusiast hardware news and reviews”

Our relationships and reputation provide Steve’s Hardware with unique positioning to work across all industry segments to provide the most current reviews, analysis, and retrospective of the latest hardware.  

We will focus on the technical aspects, and as always, innovate on testing methods we have gathered over our decades of experience. We are based in the DC metropolitan area, but we have news editors scattered across the globe to ensure the timeliness of our reporting.

I was the original founder of “The VRM List”, which I hosted on one of my older sites (sinhardware.com) and I plan on bringing it back to properly inform readers of specifications not readily found elsewhere. Additionally, we will be featuring emerging companies that bring new technologies to the market along with enhanced video based reviews and information .

Please come join me on our journey to be that site that all enthusiasts trust! 

Thank you,

Steve (Sin0822)

We are currently have open positions at Steve’s Hardware in the following categories:

News Editor(s) (Worldwide)

Hardware Editor (Northern Virginia Area)

Back-end Manager (Worldwide)

Please contact steve(at)steveshardware.com for more information.