GTA 6 compromised, 90 videos and Rockstar responds

An anonymous hacker has leaked what Rockstar Games dubs as early GTA:VI footage and information. A hacker by the name “teapotuberhacker” seems to have used the same Slack exploit that hacked Uber earlier this month to hack the GTA 6 game. They uploaded 90 videos of gameplay footage and while it was all over the internet, most of it has been wiped clean presumably because of copyright violations, which in itself indicates the hack was real. On the GTAforms we can see what appears to be a Rockstar employee, “sfinktah”, reply to many concerns of surprised users. The hacker seems to also be responding. Reports indicate the hacker is also in possession of the source code for GTA:V and GTA:VI, so this story could just be developing considering the damage leaked GTA:VI source code could do to Rockstar Games.


Image source: Getty Images

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