Intel Innovation 2022 Keynote Live Coverage

Intel’s Innovation Event 2022 takes place in San Jose California and featuring a keynotes by CEO Pat Gelsinger, which should mention Intel’s 13th generation Raptor Lake desktop client CPU. We are updating as the event begins at 12PM Eastern Standard Time: 12PM: Event Starting 12:10 PM: Intel will have Intel 7, Intel 4, Intel 3, […]

NVIDIA CEO announces RTX 4090 at $1,599 at GTC, available October 12th

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announced live that the upcoming “Ada” RTX 4090 (24GB G6X) will cost $1,599, the RTX 4080 with 16GB G6X will cost $1,199, and the RTX 4080 with12GB G6X will chime in at $899. Named after Ada Lovelace, the new GPUs feature the 4N process from TSMC, which allowed NVIDIA to fit […]

GTA 6 compromised, 90 videos and Rockstar responds

An anonymous hacker has leaked what Rockstar Games dubs as early GTA:VI footage and information. A hacker by the name “teapotuberhacker” seems to have used the same Slack exploit that hacked Uber earlier this month to hack the GTA 6 game. They uploaded 90 videos of gameplay footage and while it was all over the […]

EVGA ends 22 year partnership with NVIDIA, No RTX 4000 series GPUs

Originally reported through an interview between Gamer’s Nexus and EVGA’s CEO Andrew Han, it seems that EVGA will officially end its partnership of over 20 years with NVIDIA for the their next generation 4000 series graphics cards and beyond, and will not continue building new GPUs of any sort. That means no NVIDIA, AMD, or […]

Update on our past year

We had to take a long leave of absence for almost a year, and this video explains what happened with us over the past year and what’s to come in the future.

AMD Ryzen 7000-Series (Zen 4) event live stream-LIVE UPDATES

AMD is live streaming it’s anticipated Ryzen 7000-series processor (Zen 4) at 7PM EST on August 29th, 2022. We are providing live updates as they come in for users who can’t watch the livestream. If you missed the livestream, you can also watch it here after the live stream is finished. 19:00- US EST- Start […]

Next Generation AM5 motherboard design basics revealed by AMD

AMD’s AM5 chipset motherboards are right around the corner and support the Ryzen 7000-series Zen 4 CPUs that are set to launch soon. Let’s take a look at the design basics of the new platform. The AM5 platform ushers in a new era of AMD high performance computing. While we have seen multiple chipsets for […]

At over 5.0 GHz, AMD’s Threadripper PRO 5995WX breaks CINEBENCH R23 world record

Chiming in at $6,499, the unreleased Threadripper PRO 5995WX offers 64 threads and 128 cores, and blows through the CINEBENCH R23 world record by 10K points. The CPU-Z Screenshot reveals a 5.15GHz overclock on the AMD Threadripper PRO 5995WX with all 64 cores and 128 threads active. The MSI WS WRX40 motherboard seems to be […]

EVGA releases a $1,600 E1 bare bones PC case

EVGA has taken things to new levels by introducing the E1 bare bones kit, but the base model comes in at $1,600. By base model, we are talking about just the chassis/frame. The frame falls in with other open-air “cases” such as the Thermaltake Core P series. Much like a test bench, the open-air E1 […]