Intel’s new Xeon W-3400 and W-2400 CPUs Launch with Overclocking Support and up to 8 channels of DDR5 Support

Intel’s Sapphire Rapids has finally come to fruition with new Xeon-W SKUs in two segments that support up to 4TB of DDR5 memory, up to 56 cores, and up to 112 PCI-E 5.0 lanes.

Intel is launching two new lines of Xeon processors utilizing the Sapphire Rapids architecture. Sapphire Rapids utilizes Golden Cove cores, the same as found on Alder Lake-S CPUs, but with significantly higher core counts. On each CPU package you will find support for PCI-E 5.0 lanes and ECC DDR5 memory. Intel’s branding goes from w5 to w9 for their 3400 series and w3 to w7 for their 2400 series.

Sapphire Rapids will feature 3400 and 2400 series SKUs. The Intel Xeon W 3400 will feature up to 56 cores made up of four nodes, each featuring up to 14 cores, two DDR5 channels, and 28 lanes of PCI-E 5.0. That means each 3400 series CPU will offer octa-channel (8-channel) ECC DDR5 support and 112 PCI-E 5.0 lanes. The 2400 series will support up to 24 cores, quad channel ECC DDR5 memory support, and 64 PCI-E 5.0 lanes. The dies on the 3400 series package will be connected with 10 links of EMIB (Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge).

Apart from a much faster and more robust core architecture, increased DRAM capabilities, and PCI-E connectivity, Intel is also adding a better DMI link to the chipset, which will now be x8 DMI 4.0. WiFi 6E will now be integrated, which can be faster than wired 1Gbit LAN. Intel’s Deep Learning Boost and Advanced Matrix Extensions (AMX) will be available as well.

Here is how Intel is segmenting their new lineup with the W790 chipset.

Here we have a breakdown of Intel’s Xeon W-2400 series of processors.

Here is Intel’s map diagram of their Xeon W-3400 series processors.

Performance is going to be significantly better than their previous generation Xeon processors considering Golden Cove cores are being utilized on the Intel 7 node.

In general, the CPUs will be even better in a 1S configuration compared to 2S configurations of the same total core count.

These are workstation CPUs, which means content creation is quite important to a broad spectrum of Intel’s target market, and these new CPUs do not disappoint.

Engineering applications are also critical to the new W-3400 and W-2400 series of processors.

Here are all the W-3400 series processors Intel is launching. Intel’s top SKU for these new Sapphire Rapids workstation CPUs is the W-3495X, but it will chime in at $5889, the cheapest 3400 series CPU will still cost $1189, but will still come with all 112 PCI-E 5.0 lanes and octa-channel DDR5.

The Intel W-2400 CPU specifications are listed above, with the top SKU at $2188 and the cheapest at $359. Even at $359, the W3-2423 will offer 64 PCI-E 5.0 lanes and support for quad-channel DDR5.

Overclocking will be supported on Intel’s W9-3495X, W9-3475X, W7-3465X, and W5-3435X. Overclocking isn’t just limited to the 3400 series, it is also included for the Intel Xeon W7-2495X, W7-2475X, W5-2465X, and W5-2455X. Basically anything with an X behind the model number is unlocked and ready to be overclocked depending on your cooling capabilities. Intel did this not only for high speed trading applications, but also for users who just want to tinker. It is also not the first time Intel has unlocked a Xeon. We have a W-3175X, which is an unlocked 28-core Xeon. The launch of Sapphire Rapids is Intel’s latest launch for their high-end desktop (HEDT) platform in years, and the unlocked processor SKUs are a good way to segment their consumer and workstation processors.

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