Intel Innovation 2022 Keynote Live Coverage

Intel’s Innovation Event 2022 takes place in San Jose California and featuring a keynotes by CEO Pat Gelsinger, which should mention Intel’s 13th generation Raptor Lake desktop client CPU. We are updating as the event begins at 12PM Eastern Standard Time:

12PM: Event Starting

12:10 PM: Intel will have Intel 7, Intel 4, Intel 3, Intel 20A, and Intel 18A process technologies, and by the end of the decade aims to hit 1Trillion transistors in a chip. They will works with Tower Semiconductor to move forward enhancing their foundries. They will work at wafers, packaging, software, chipsets in what they call Systems Foundry.

12:11 PM: Work towards chiplet architecture, with more than 80 companies including Samsung, AMD, TSMC, TI, GlobalFoundries, and others to create the UCIe (Universal Chiplet) ecosystem.

12:14 PM: Intel wants to push University Suttle Program to develop new technologies

12:15 PM: Intel announces their new CPU. Flex 170 and Flex 140 Datacenter GPUs.

Sapphire Rapids 4th Generation Xeon:

12:19 PM: Intel’s A770 XeSS client graphics card also introduced. Will be available October 12, 2022 at $329 with cards on the way to reviewers right now.

12:35 PM: Intel working with PreciTaste and OpenVINO to help Chipotle optimize their real-time inventory and accuracy by tracking ingredients at the Edge using Intel CPU and integrated GPU processing power coordinated by OpenVINO.

12:38 PM: CEO Intel is now Inside Chipotle.

12:40 PM: Inflexion Games Nightingale running on Unreal Engine 5 demoed running four instances at the same time on the single networked client without frame rate drops typically experienced when running multiple clients for debugging, thanks to Intel technology.

Intel 13th Generation 13900K Box

12:45PM: Intel 13th Generation coming in October 2022. Enhanced P-core for single thread performance and E-core for more intensive workloads as well as increased cache. Going up to 5.8GHz. Next year a 6GHz out of the box SKU.

12:51 PM: Gaudi 2 Deep Learning Processor introduced

First 17″ Slidable Flexible PC Display

12:52 PM: Solution to allowing all devices to communicate utilizing Samsung Display technology. A sliding screen that can expand in size with perfect picture! It looks like a folding display that slides out instead of folds out (it might just be a very foldable display that tightly folds around the back of the device and ends up sliding out).

12:55 PM: Intel Unison can project image and extend its display from a 13″ tablet to the 17″ slidable display.

12:58 PM: Intel moving a focus from electrons to photons and pushing optical high-bandwidth low-power communication fabric through an in-package connector. Silicon photonics chip enable optical data transmissions directly into silicon.

1:09 PM: Linus Torvalds presented with the first Intel Innovation Lifetime Achievement Award.

Event can be rewatched here.

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