Intel Launches 11th Gen Tiger Lake-H Mobile Processors

The long anticipated 11th Generation Core processors are finally coming to market. The 10th generation mobile processors were a nice step up, but once again Intel is stepping up its game and offering even more with its 11th generation lineup. Not only do we have some high-end desktop-like SKUs, but we also have a revamped […]

Quick GIGABYTE Waterforce and Thermaltake Watercooling Setup Guide

GIGABYTE’s Waterforce series of motherboards are the epitome of high-end, they not only carry the backbone of GIGABYTE’s top of the line Xtreme series of motherboards, but they also come with custom copper waterblocks that cover and cool down the processor, motherboard voltage regulators, high power components, and the chipset. However, these motherboards require custom […]

Corsair buys up Origin PC and SCUF Gaming

During Corsair’s annual press conference at CES2020, Andy Paul, Corsair’s founder and CEO discussed their recent acquisitions. Earlier in 2019 Corsair acquired high-end gaming PC vendor Origin PC, who makes extremely high-end gaming desktops and notebooks, some of them with integrated gaming consoles such as an XBox or PS4. However, two weeks before the press […]