AMD Ryzen 7000-Series (Zen 4) event live stream-LIVE UPDATES

AMD is live streaming it’s anticipated Ryzen 7000-series processor (Zen 4) at 7PM EST on August 29th, 2022. We are providing live updates as they come in for users who can’t watch the livestream. If you missed the livestream, you can also watch it here after the live stream is finished.

19:00- US EST- Start time.

19:05- Dr. Lisa Su- Zen 4 aim is to be the best gaming CPU and the best content production CPU on the market. It is the first 5nm CPU for PCs.

19:06- They estimated 8-10% uplift earlier this year, but achieved 13% IPC uplift and up to 5.7GHz (800MHz higher than 5000 series). Single core performance up to 29% higher compared to Ryzen 5000.

19:08- 7950X top CPU with 170W TDP. 16C/32T and 80MB L2+L3 cache. Up to 35% (15% average) better gaming performance and up to 48% better (40% on average) compute performance compared to the 5950X. Compared to the Intel 12900K, the 7950X is up to 23% faster in gaming and up to 62% faster in compute performance.

19:09- Achieves 47% better performance per watt than the 12900K.

19:10- 7900X, 7700X, 7600X also introduced. All four CPUs provide better single core performance versus 12900K. The 7950X has 4.5GHz base with 5.7GHz boost clock, The 7900X has 12Cores/24Threads, 76MB cache, 170W TDP. and a 4.7Ghz base with 5.6GHz boost. The 7700X has 8C/16T with 40MB cache, 105W TDP, 4.5GHz base, and 5.4GHz boost clock. The 7600X has 6C/12T with 38MB cache, 105W TDP, and a 4.7Ghz base with a 5.3GHz boost.

19:10- 7600X delivers about 5% better performance in five mainstream games than the 12900K. In F1 2022 it is up to 11% faster than the 12900K.

19:10- Mark Papermaster (CTO) takes the stage

19:13- A ~13% geomean IPC increase, new front-end design, AVX512, and 5nm all added

19:14- Across 22 workloads, Zen 2 to Zen 3 were up to 19% better IPC, Zen 4 is 13% higher than Zen 3. The front-end and branch prediction make up to 60% of that 13% increase. uOP cache increased for better hit rates, doubling L2 also helps to feed the processor.

19:16- Much better AVX512/VNNI performance for AI

19:17- 4th generation Fin-FET for 5nm, with enhanced metal stack.

19:20- Compared to Alder Lake, 50% smaller die area than Golden Cove, 47% more power efficient

19:21- 3D VCache on the roadmap for a future processor

19:22- Zen 5 is on track

19:23- David McAfee takes the stage to discuss the platform

19:25- The AM5 platform will last through the 7000 series processors into at least 2025 with future proof 230W socket power, PCI-E 5.0, and DDR5. AM4 coolers will work with the new LGA1718 pin socket.

19:26- B650 introduced, will be available in October and X670 will be available in September. X670E offers NVMe and PCI-E slot PCI-E 5.0. B650 will also offer PCI-E 5.0.

19:27- AMD will increase ratedDDR5 4800 to DDR5 5200 as default.

19:28- AMD EXPO for EXtended Profile Overclocking (like XMP), 53ns latency and 11% increased performance. 15 memory kits available at launch. Over 6400MHz kits at launch.

19:30- AM5 boards starting at $125 this year.

19:30- Lisa Su takes back the stage.

19:31- 7950X price will be $699, 7900X will cost $549, 7700X will cost $399, 7600X will cost $299 all on shelves on September 27th, 2022.

19:32- RDNA 3 discussion.

19:34- Conclusion.

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