EVGA releases a $1,600 E1 bare bones PC case

EVGA has taken things to new levels by introducing the E1 bare bones kit, but the base model comes in at $1,600. By base model, we are talking about just the chassis/frame. The frame falls in with other open-air “cases” such as the Thermaltake Core P series. Much like a test bench, the open-air E1 allows you to display your system internals for all to see and is designed with water cooling in mind. EVGA describes the E1 as using the highest quality materials and a new patent-pending independent suspension. The new E1 features a 100% 3K Plain Weaved Carbon Fiber frame, which reduces chassis weight (9.88lbs) while offering enough strength to support “even the heaviest PC builds”.

The chassis kit also comes with three analog gauges that work with EVGA’s new E1 software. If the gauges were more subzero oriented, perhaps featuring an integrated K-type thermometer and thermocouples, we could see that adding value to the $1,600 price tag. Kingpin himself had a contained liquid nitrogen closed-system cooling solution at Computex where I was lucky enough to snag a picture, but it did whistle like a steam train to let out excess pressure.

The E1 comes in three varieties, the chassis alone is $1,600.

All three variants come with the basic chassis and the vertical VGA kit. The E1 Kit 1 is the best value with the RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin Edition graphics card and the 1600W T2 power supply, which combined at suggested retail price totals $2,900, bringing the price of the chassis to about $800. If you want the E1 Bare Bones kit, it will cost you an extra $1,300 but will include a Z690 Dark Kingpin motherboard ($500), a premium shipping case at $800, and the PowerLink 52U ($59). We figure the E1 Kit 1 is probably the most reasonable option since it doesn’t limit you to chipset or include an $800 Pelican shipping case.

EVGA also produced an unboxing video:

Source: EVGA

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