Razer admits to packaging typo no one noticed…

Can you spot the typo in the image? Razer, known for premium gaming peripherals and notebooks, recently launched their DeathStalker V2 Pro and TKL gaming keyboards, but with a slight error printed on the product box. The most interesting part about this story is how Razer actually broke the story. In a Twitter post, Razer came out and admitted to their mistake, but claimed that they will not be removing the packaging out of circulation because of their commitment to sustainability.

Razer also posted a comment declaring that it will “make things right” with a $10 promo-code at the RazerStore. All you need is the serial number, place of purchase, and an email to redeem the code.

We find it very amusing that a company would point out its own mistake. Whether the reason was to control the narrative or help spread awareness of the new product launch, Razer has always been very strict with its attention to detail. We have sat through a handful of Razer notebook briefings where their marketing team goes over each and every advancement and new technology. If you have a question they will answer immediately down to the tiniest detail, and they do the briefings 1:1, it isn’t like a large webinar with 60 other media and analysts in the same meeting. The company takes well-deserved pride in their products, and they rarely rush products to market. We think Razer did good by getting ahead of the subject, as we find errors in a product materials(mostly motherboards) that are sometimes never addressed. If you did buy one of the keyboards with this error, we say keep it, as it might be worth something one day to a Razer collector.

On a side note, this does remind us of an episode of The Office: Product Recall where Michael wants to throw a press conference to apologize to their most loyal customer for a racy watermark on their paper (which almost no one noticed), prompting Jim to ask the question, “Oh, did the press ask for a story?”

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