TSMC deploys 1,000 engineers to bolster 5nm production line output

Earlier this week Taiwan Semiconducting Manufacturer Co. announced it would be sending more than 1,000 engineers to its fab located in the Southern Taiwan Science Part in Tainan, Taiwan to help supplement production of its groundbreaking 5nm node.

TSMC’s Fab 18, the current home for 5nm production (Source)

TSMC is one of Taiwan’s largest companies, and is the world’s largest contract chipmaker producing hardware for AMD, Apple, and Qualcomm to list a few. Rumor has it that Intel is also going to outsource 5nm production of some of its processors to the giant chipmaker later this year. The company aims to manufacturer up to 120K wafers a month based on its 5nm node, which would be a 100% boost in production at its Fab 18 facility.

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