Corsair teases project Orion at CES2020

At CES202 Corsair teased the future of RGB LEDs for PC gaming cases. The LED concept doesn’t include RGB LEDs inside or outside the case but rather embedded in the glass panels. To make this possible Corsair used 150 of their CAPELLIX tiny RGB LEDs. The CAPELLIX RGB LEDs were unveiled over a year ago at CES2019; they are extremely small but also very bright. You can currently find these RGBs in some select Corsair Products such as their new Dominator Platinum RGB memory.

The new cases will have to come with the RGB LEDs, there will not be separate panels sold for users to upgrade their current cases. Corsair said it was just too difficult to make the panels compatible with current cases, but that the RGB technology will add roughly $100 to the price tag of the case. Corsair did disclose the MSRP to us in private, and we can report that customers should be relatively happy with the final end result. We don’t expect to see these cases on the market for at least 6 months to a year.

Corsair Concept Orion

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