EVGA finally releases its $1,800 SR-3 Dark

EVGA SR-3 Dark

EVGA announced their plans to join ASUS and GIGABYTE to release a high-end motherboard for the Xeon W-3175X workstation CPU many months ago, and now you can finally pre-order it. At $1,800 the motherboard comes with 24 voltage regulator phases, 18 of which are for the CPU VCore. The motherboard features all of EVGA’s latest and greatest overclocking features, including their advanced POST features for easy diagnosis.

Much like the X299 Dark, the SR-3 Dark features 300% higher gold content compared to standard specifications, including gold plating on the edges to reinforce the structure of the PCB and thermal performance. While a consumer grade motherboard might feature a 4-layer PCB, the SR-3 Dark features a 16-layer PCB. You might be asking why EVGA is launching a motherboard for the W-3175X, a $3,000 Intel CPU that is mostly sold out worldwide, but the truth is there is still limited stock and a secondary used market.

Even with AMD’s competitor the Threadripper 3970X on the market that offers four more CPU cores at $1,000 less, Intel’s W-3175X still has some advantages in regards to AVX2 and some specific program benchmarks. At $1,800 for pre-order with a limit of two per household, the price might seem steep, but you won’t currently find any of the competitor boards on the retail market, with open-box versions going for $1,500 from reputable dealers like Newegg. We have the ASUS Dominus Extreme and the W-3175X, so we will reach out to EVGA to see if we can source a SR-3 Dark for comparison.

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