AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D Review: AMD’s Answer to Raptor Lake

Today we look at the highly anticipated AMD Ryzen 7950X3D, which features AMD’s 3D stacked V-Cache technology first debuted on the 5800X3D. The technology in itself allows AMD to stack on an additional 64MB of L3 cache on the actual die of a CCX with through silicon vias (TSVs) for copper to copper contact, and […]

ASRock Z790 Steel Legend WiFi Review

Today we take a good look at ASRock’s Z790 Steel Legend WiFi motherboard for Intel’s 13th and 12th generation Raptor Lake and Alder Lake processors. Based on the Raptor Point chipset, the motherboard has lots of platform capabilities, but there are some you might not have seen coming. The motherboard box has the same black […]

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MSI MAG Z790 TOMAHAWK WIFI DDR4 Review (Overview and Teardown)

One feature unique to the LGA1700 CPUs is support for either DDR4 or DDR5 memory depending on the motherboard. Today we are going to detail our first LGA1700 Z790 chipset DDR4 motherboard. The Z790 TOMAHAWK WIFI DDR4 is one of MSI’s latest motherboards for Intel’s Z790 chipset, and they have kept the box pretty simple, […]